Private Diving Aruba

Private Scuba Diving

Have you always wanted to discover the underwater world of Aruba? At Adventure Sports, you'll be put at ease by experienced staff while you, your friends or family get set for a memorable diving experience off the coast of Aruba. We'll pick you up from your hotel and take you to diving spots far removed from the usual crowds of tourists, ensuring you can explore in peace and quiet. If you are new with diving you can make a discovery dive with us. Or you can follow a diving course and get your PADI license with us! If you already have your certification it is also possible to dive with us from our boat of from the shore. Our staff are some of the best trained in the business, with many years of experience diving off the coast of Aruba. Wherever you head to dive, you can count on the best supervision and levels of safety around.

Private Scuba diving Aruba

Discover the beauty of the Caribbean when you are diving in Aruba with friends and family. On the island, you'll discover plenty of places to enjoy a dip and take your mind off the daily grind. 

By providing the latest equipment and most experienced staff around, we always ensure your safety is paramount. 

We do not provide  transportation to location and No pick up services. You have to arrange your own transport. We of course provide the full equipment. 


In brief:

  • All dives are only private
  • For Scubadiving we use the newest equipment
  • All the prices mentioned include use of our equipment
  • Private means that we only dive with the people you book with
  • You have a say in the divespot
  • Our diving times are when our guests like it
  • The Lionfish hunting dives includes a short lionfish hunting training
  • You don't need an Open Water certificate for the introduction dive (DSD) and of course for the Open Water Course. For the rest of the dives you need a "diving certificate".

Pricing Private Scuba diving Aruba

Scuba diving 2 dives Description Price per person
Introduction Dive (DSD) First time diving 250USD
Refreshment Course Getting used in the water 200 USD
2 tank dive (private) From the boat or shore 250 USD
Lionfish Hunting  Hunting for lionfish 275 USD
Scuba diving Classes Description Price per person
Open Water (PADI) Only Practice 495 USD