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Aruba private yachts charters

Aruba private yachts charters

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Adventure Sports Aruba offers plenty of exciting opportunities to turn every day of your trip into a unique experience. We offer great rates on group packages for two to six people, with reliable pick-up services from your hotel to your activity destination. We have plenty of experience when it comes to organising action-packed days out, in and around Aruba, ensuring you get the very best out of this Dutch Caribbean island. Enjoy a selection of high-octane activities and outdoor pursuits to ensure every minute of your holiday is as exciting as possible only for private activities:

Private Yacht Cruise
Private Snorkeling Trip
Private Sunset Trip
Private Party Boat up to16 people
Private Catamaran
Private Diving
Private Snorkel Gear Rental

Revel in an assortment of activities with friends and families at your own pace. Time is never an issue and you'll be free to make the most of every minute. For the perfect finish to every excursion, we offer the opportunity for you to enjoy a delicious barbecue on our very own personal pier. Catch up with your fellow guests as you sip on a drink and dine in style, or kick back and relax as you watch the sun set over the glistening water, for a truly memorable finish to the day. Once you're done socialising, wining and dining, you can look forward to a quick and comfortable ride back to your hotel, for maximum convenience.

Interested in discussing our day excursions in more detail? Contact the team today for more information or to start planning awesome activities to make your trip to Aruba as exciting as possible. If you need some more information, why not browse our photo galleries to get a glimpse of this beautiful island and all the attractions that await you.



Snorkeling Aruba

Get ready to be enchanted by the underwater majesty of the Caribbean, with spectacular snorkeling excursions in Aruba.  Whether you're travelling with family or friends, we'll pick up groups of two to six people direct from your hotel. Our staff have unrivalled experience on the island when it comes to snorkeling, ensuring you'll get to see the best underwater sights without having to contend with the usual crowds of tourists. Explore stunning coral reefs and get up close and personal with colourful creatures. You'll never feel rushed with us and there's always plenty of time to fit in several activities to ensure each day of your trip is as packed with action as possible. For the perfect end to your day, enjoy a mouth-watering barbecue on our personal pier while you chat with your fellow guests and share snaps and stories of your day.

Diving Aruba

You'll be amazed at the sheer variety of dive sites around Aruba. At Adventure Sports, you'll feel at ease, with experienced dive instructors there to help you along with every moment of your diving excursion.  Experience the beauty of unspoilt coral reefs and tropical fish as you swim through the pristine waters around the island of Aruba. Don't have your open water certification yet? No worries – when you book an excursion with Adventure Sports, you'll have the chance to grab your license quickly, with fast-track and two-day courses available to bring you up to speed.

Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to get in touch with the team today!

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