Snorkel Gear Rental per person

Snorkel gear rental

Snorkel Gear Rental per person

$ 15.00

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Snorkel Gear Rental Aruba

If you are staying in Aruba then you must have seen the underwater world. With us you can rent a traditional snorkel set or snorkel with our fullmask from the Ocean Reef and Easybreath. If you want to move through the water easier and faster while snorkeling, you can also rent fins with us.

We also rent out snorkel vests, The vest can be easy blown up with your mouth with air, via a special blow-up tube (just like a lifejacket). This way you can regulate your buoyancy. Apart from the fact that you stay afloat better, you can also easily rest and thus longer snorkeling. So you can choose how comfortable you want to go snorkeling and which equipment you want to rent from us. We rent the snorkel gear per day but also several days is of course an option.

To deliver snorkel gear:

We bring the rented snorkel gear from 2 sets free at hotels and apartments to the high or low rise (palm beach and eagle beach area) for free. We can deliver in 1 hour.

Beachchair and Cooler rental

If you are a certified diver you can also rent dive gear with us.

snorkel equipment rental aruba


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