If you're after more variety when you visit Aruba, Adventure Sports are on hand to ensure you can make the most of every minute and is the private trips specialist. Adventure Sports ensures visitors can get up close and personal with underwater environments, with a thrilling schedule of snorkeling opportunities. We'll tailor an excursion that's right for you and perfectly in line with your own tastes and preferences. Ideal if you're looking to escape the crowds and usual touristy hotspots, we'll recommend the best snorkeling sites for your social gathering. For most excursions, strong swimming experience is not required, as we offer a range of life jackets, dinghies and other essential snorkeling equipment on board. Snorkeling is a spectacular experience that's best enjoyed when you take your time, which is why Adventure Sports only offer excursions where individuals can explore the underwater kingdom at their own pace. We can snorkel from shore, tourboat, Sailboat or Unicorn. What's more, there's a wide range of further activities you can enjoy alongside snorkeling when you visit Aruba. Fancy a dive off the coast of Aruba? What's more, we'll oversee hotel transfers, so you'll never have to find your own way to a dive site or departure dock.

Enjoy sensational underwater sights, including tropical fish and stunning coral, native to the Caribbean Sea, when you snorkel off the coast of Aruba! Keep your eyes peeled to spot the various species, including:

  • Brain coral
  • Char
  • Parrotfish
  • Star coral
  • Butterfly fish

Pricing Snorkel Tours Adventure Sports Aruba

Snorkeling Description Price total
Snorkel tour - 2 hours From the boat  350 USD
Snorkel tour - 3 hours From the boat  475 USD
Snorkel tour - 4 hours From the boat 

600 USD

  • Including soft drinks and snacks
  • Including a free pick up at your accomodation if you stay on the high or low rise
  • We use the newest snorkeling equipment and we have regular snorkel sets but we also have full face snorkel sets for a 180 degree view
  • All the prices mentioned includes use of our equipment
  • For kids we have special snorkel vest

Snorkeltour Aruba

Aruba might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of snorkeling in the Caribbean, but this island has so much to offer. Throughout the year, visitors can expect an average temperature of around 30 degrees, so you can snorkel in balmy conditions every month of the year. The island is also home to a host of diverse cultures, with more than 80 different nationalities making up the population.

Whatever you're up to, you can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you visit Aruba. If you're looking to enjoy a snorkeling vacation and keep ecologically conscious, the Caribbean and Aruba make a solid choice. As with the local islanders, we at Adventure Sports attach great importance to the protection and preservation of the sea and its native inhabitants. We arrange ethical snorkeling in the Caribbean trips and excursions that don't disturb native wildlife and underwater formations, ensuring the legacy and natural wonder of the area remains preserved for future generations.

Other Watersport Activities

In addition to diving you can visit us for all other watersports, whether you want to fish or dive it's all possible with us. Racing over the water with a fast jetski, parasailing, paddleboarden , kayaking or gliding over the water behind the boat with a tuberide we have something for every family member. You can also rent our Cabana and chill, sunbathe and alternately spend the whole day at Palm Beach with the possibility for snacks and drinks or a bbq on the beach. Let us know what you want and we assure you of a wonderful holiday.