Lionfish Hunting Aruba

Lionfish Hunting Aruba

Lionfish Hunting Aruba

$ 225.00

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2 tank dive 4 a 5 hours
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Lionfish Hunting Aruba
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Lionfish Hunting - 2 tank Hunting on lionfish 225 USD

Lionfish Hunting on Aruba

only for certified divers!

Lionfish hunting is fun and exciting to do but most importantly it's good for the ocean and it's inhabitants. Since a lionfish doesn't have natural enemies they've multiplied too many times. 1,000 lion fishes can collectively eat about 5 million other fish in 1 year! This makes the lionfish a threat to the coral and to life in the ocean. Below you can find an infographic about the consequences of the lionfish.

To limit the effects of the lionfish, we are an advocate of Lionfish Hunting. We work together with the Aruba Reefcare Foundation. ARCF tries among other things to get the lionfish at more restaurants in Aruba on the menu's so the demand for the lionfish rises so there are more people who go on a lionfish hunt.We bring all or lionfish to .

How to catch a lionfish

If we go on a lionfish hunt (you need to be a certified diver), we go to the places around the island where we expect the lionfish to be. This can be at 15ft (+ - 5 meter) of depth but this can also be at 90 ft (+- 30meter, only with advanced divers) of depth. They often hide between or underneath stones and they are best caught around sunrise and sunset because the lionfish then go hunting and is therefore more visible because they are no longer hidden under the stones.

The use of a speargun is forbidden in Aruba because it can damage the coral and / or injure other divers. That's why we use a spear with an elastic on it. The elastic is put through your fingers and you put the elastic on tension by grabbing the spear in the middle of the spear. Then you approach the lionfish as close and still as possible. Pay attention that you do not touch the lionfish because the spines are poisonous and this can be very painful. Also when filleting the lionfish, it is important that you watch yourself. The fish itself is non-toxic and is very tasty in the pan or on the bbq.

Hunt Lionfish with Adventure Sports Aruba

Do you want to hunt lionfish with Adventure Sports Aruba? You will then first receive training on how to catch a lionfish before you go into the water with all of the equipment. You will receive training from one of the best lionfish hunters on the island.

The owner of Adventure Sports Aruba was the Aruba National Champion in 2016 and 2017 with his team Lionfish Go, in addition they caught the biggest lionfish and the smallest lionfish.

Other Watersport Activities

In addition to diving you can visit us for all other watersports, whether you want to fish, snorkel on a sailboat, motorboat or on a flamingo it's all possible with us. Racing over the water with a fast jetski, parasailing, paddleboarden, kayaking or gliding over the water behind the boat with a tuberide we have something for every family member. You can also rent our Cabana and chill, sunbathe and alternately spend the whole day at Palm Beach with the possibility for snacks and drinks or a bbq on the beach. Let us know what you want and we assure you of a wonderful holiday.


No, you need to be certified to go for a lionfish hunt dive. You can do the discovery dive.

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