Tube ride Aruba

Tube ride Aruba

Tube Ride

$ 30.00 p.p.

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Important information about Tube ride Aruba

Activity type
15 a 20 min
Book in advance
Activity name
Tube Riding

Description Tube ride Aruba

Tube Riding
Relax on the water with the tube ride behind a fast speedboat. You determine the speed yourself by indicating with your thumb to the captain whether you want to be hader or softer ... Thumbs up is faster and thumb down and the captain goes slower. This way you can enjoy your tube ride on the beach of Palm Beach Aruba.

15 to 20 minutes the tube ride takes at least 2 people and the price is 30 dollars per person. 
6% surcharge applies to the use of a credit card)

You can book here directly online by or on the beach at Island - Cabana directly behind the Ritz next to the famous Fishermans huts then you can start the fun right away.

Or give us a call +297 5614310


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