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Sup Yoga Aruba

SUP Yoga is, as the name implies, Yoga on a SUP board. Because a SUP shelf is quite wide, you have enough space to do a Yoga class on the shelf. SUP Yoga on the ocean is an experience in itself during your vacation on Aruba, relaxing on the water with the rising sun. Because you are daring on the water and outside in a wonderful temparature, you quickly get into your flow and despite the exertion you come to a completely spiritual rest. Yoga postures on a wobbly board, balancing on the water tie an experience you should have had.

SUP Yoga session (1 hour)

Our experienced instructor starts the session of 1 hour with a brief explanation of the basic technique, material and safety aspects of the supping, we do this on the beach of Palm Beach Aruba, after this explanation we go paddling slowly to the sea. Once there, the paddle boards are recorded and you can start a relaxing and energetic yoga session that helps build balance, strength, endurance and meditation. During the SUP yoga session you use your whole body so it is a total relaxed body workout. Your balance, concentration and focus are therefore put to the test extra much. This is therefore a very good training and combination with Yoga. If you have never had a fist, it is not a problem with an open mind and a willing body and you will enjoy it. You can follow the session in your bikini or swimming trunks or in your Yoga clothes, as long as it is nice.As a beginner (You do not have to have experience with yoga.The exercises can be adjusted to what your body can do) or advanced can you just participate in these sessions.

BOOK your SUP Yoga Session

Every day of the week we have a SUP yoga of 1 hour on the sea behind the RITZ Carlton on Palm Beach at 10 o'clock. You can book online here. The session costs 50 dollars a person.

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