Paddle Board rental

Paddle Board rental

Stand up Paddle board

$ 35.00 p.p.

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Renting 1 SUP board
1 hour > $ 25
2 hours > $ 40

1 person supping with a private instructor 
1 hour > $ 100

2 person supping with a private instructor
1 hours > $150


Supping stands for 'stand-up paddle boarding'. It originated in Hawaii by the lifeguards who stood on their surfboard to keep an eye on the surfers. By using a long and a more stable board the suppers can stay on their board, unlike the surfers who have to paddle down. Wouldn't you like to become acquainted with this active water fun?! 

Ready for some relaxing paddling on the ocean along the ocean at Palm Beach. Experience what supping does for you! Standing on a large supboard you move on with a special paddle. With a little focus, a good balance and a lot of sportsmanship, this sport is easy to do. Especially for the novice water sports enthusiast, supping is a good sport to start with.

Aruba is an excellent island to try supping. A trip along the beach is an excellent training. You use a lot of muscles when you're supping and it is good for your balance. So enjoy this activity, relaxing and a workout in 1. Supping is a low-threshold water sport that you can try yourself and you can also get lessons from our experienced instructors.

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We are open every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Make a reservation for just supping online  or call/whatsapp us on +297 5614310


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